Corporate Adventure Days

We have been working in partnership with our sister company Black Mountain Activities for over 20 years, providing our customers with a variety of outdoor adventure activities as a fantastic means of team development. For more information regarding our corporate adventure and team development days in Wales, give us a call on 01497 847824 and a member of the Adventure Training team will be happy to help.

Here’s some adventure activities that are available to you:
adventure activities, wales, white water rafting

White Water Rafting
An ideal way to experience the thrills of moving water – a must for those who are looking for that extra excitement! Rafting is a full day activity that will see you tackle one of Wales’ best rafting rivers.

adventure activities, wales, caving

Explore the world beneath our feet! Your cave leader will guide  you underground where you will enjoy many of the famous features – Worm Hole, Death Ledge, Cork Screw and not forgetting the Washing Machine. it’s a must!

adventure activities, wales, paintballing

With this activity you are guaranteed to have a unique, fun-filled, action-packed paintball experience tailored to suit you and your groups needs. A fantastic team building event!

adventure activities, wales, raft building

Raft Building
Barrels, planks, rope & water make a great recipe for fun, where a thorough soaking is guaranteed. Working in teams you will design and build rafts then put them to the test to see whose will float and whose will sink.

adventure activities, wales, clay pigeon shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting
Clay Pigeon Shooting is the art of aiming and shooting at 4″ saucer shaped, ceramic discs as they pass through the air. This activity is a great way to reward your hard working team, as well as providing a healthy competitive edge.

adventure activities, wales, rock climbing & abseiling

Rock Climbing
The day will build your confidence as you climb higher & higher to reach the top and then learn the art of abseiling to get back down the rock face.

adventure activities, wales, gorge walking

Gorge Walking
Another adrenaline-fuelled activity that will see you traversing along rock walls, scrambling cascades, crawling behind waterfalls and jumping into water pools. If you don’t mind getting wet this is for you!

adventure activities, wales, high level ropes course

High Level Ropes
Guaranteed to test your head for heights! With a series of exciting challenges: Jacobs ladder, monkey swings, grapevine, leap of faith, zip wire and many more, this activity will push you and your group through your comfort zone.

adventure activities, wales, orienteering

Orienteering is the sport of navigating unfamiliar terrains using a map. It is easy to learn but always challenging! Get your team working together to find a series of control points marked on a map. This activity is sure to exercise both mind and body, and has proven to be a great activity for all.

adventure activities, wales, land carting

Land Carting
Crystal maze meets Scrap heap challenge! Looking for a challenge that will get the whole team involved? Land Carting is the ideal activity for teams looking for that competitive edge as well as being a great team building exercise.


adventure activities, wales, open canoeing

Open Canoeing
You will be practicing a variety of paddling techniques to learn this craft and once mastered you’ll be putting these skills to the test with a river trip downstream where the fun will begin..


adventure activities, wales, archery

One of the oldest crafts that is still practiced today. You will learn the art of shooting arrows at a target and after a few shots the competition starts to heat up as you compete against other to hit the gold.

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