Team Building Days


Team Building Days in Wales

Are you looking for a team building event. Need to improve Teamwork, Communication, trust, motivation, taking responsibility, decision making, goal setting and customer focus?

We have been working alongside our sister company Black Mountain Activities for over 20 years, providing leadership courses and team events for companies from all over the UK. We understand the turmoil and complexity in today’s work place, and the need for the change. Over the years we have developed our training programmes, incorporating a combination of practical and adventurous activities such as climbing, high level ropes, raft building & orienteering, with an incredible amount of problem solving, creating a fantastic method of delivering teamwork and improving communication to your group. With that in mind, we know that our team have the knowledge and experience to meet your objectives!

The aims of our training programmes are:

•  To improve communication between individuals, teams and divisions.
•  To encourage team participation in decision making.
•  To encourage the sharing of individual expertise with one another.
•  To encourage player coach roles.
•  To build self-esteem and confidence.
•  To develop problem solving skills
•  To overall Have Fun!

All our team building programmes are tailor made to suit your company’s needs. We can design a day to suit you whether you are looking for Team Development course or just a conference venue or, want to combine the two, we have the facilities to cater to you. You are welcome to join us for just one day or you can stay for up to 5 days on our corporate packageAll our courses encourage personal development, with a specific focus on the dynamics of successful teamwork.

Development and Training Events 

We have been providing companies both large and small with development training and team events for many years. Our programs are designed to meet each companies requirements and needs. which provides benefits to both individuals and the company they work for.
We hare happy to discuss your requirements and design a program which will work with in your remit, simply contact us. Our team building and development courses are run from our Activity Centre in the Brecon Beacons National Park but can be arranged at a nearby venue of your choice.

team-taskOver the years we have designed themed courses where the participants work as a unit. These courses are based over two days, where the first day would be training and the second day they would pass on the skills to the rest of the team in the form of a competition (The Celtic Quest or Brecon Quest). Its not always the fastest team that is the winning team!

We have also run search and rescue scenarios where the team are taken blind folded in the the hills and they they need to find their way back to base but, along the way they have to rescue their MD who has been Kidnapped and has crashed landed in the hill, They will need to work as a team, and compete against the clock!

Principles of Team Building Events

Our outdoor development training is especially suited to training and developing Leaders and Supervisors, providing them with the unique opportunity to try out new methods and practice their skills in a ‘safe’ environment.



Personal Development
This is a great opportunity for individuals to push them selves outside their comforts zone and explore their potential, by using the outdoors as the medium to deliver these challenging situations we can explore and learn from our reactions.


New Trainees and Apprentice Programsteam-build
These outdoor programs are developed to provide the best of both worlds where we can look at individual development and teams skills. This is the best way to get new employees to gel with each other and as a team whilst meeting your core needs.

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