Challenge Days

challenge days, adventure training, wales

Corporate Challenge Days in Wales

Our Challenge day can be run either as a fun day where you compete against the clock and each other, or as a team event where a debrief is carried out at the end of each task. This event requires physical and mental co-operation among groups of individuals in order to solve a task. Among the primary values of initiative activities are group cohesion, trust, communication and problem solving skills that result from attempting a solution. Following each attempt, the group is given an opportunity to discuss, process and analyse their experience.

challenge day, adventure training, wales

Designed in our own grounds, we have developed a range of tasks, that teams have to work their way through. Our challenge course can take the form of team building (with debriefs at the end of each task) or groups can pit head to head in competition, testing both brain and brawn!

A typical day begins with delegates being divided into small teams. After a safety brief and an explanation of the rules by the course marshals, the first challenge of the day begins; the teams have three hours to complete
as many of the tasks as possible!

challenge day, adventure training, walesThe Challenge day can be mixed with another activity to make a day of it as well as making it the ultimate challenge!

Activities that are great to include in the challenge day are:

•   Land Carting
•   Raft Building
•   High Level Ropes Course
challenge day, adventure training, wales•   Open Canoeing
•   Mountain Biking
•   Hill Walking
•   Orienteering
•   Clay Pigeon Shooting
•   Paintballing
•   Archery

You are welcome to join us for just one activity day or you can stay for up to 5 days on our corporate break. All our courses encourage personal development as well as team development with a specific focus on the dynamics of successful teamwork. All our courses are tailored to meet your requirements.

Full Day9.15am to 4.30pm£80.00 per person
Half Day9.15am to 12.30pm OR, £40.00 per person
1.15pm to 4.30pm

**Prices are per person and inclusive of VAT.**

For more information about our Challenge Days please get in touch on Tel: 01497 847824 or send us an EMAIL. One of our staff will be happy to help you design your corporate team challenge day.

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